Texas Dog Rescued by Iowa Family on Vacation

Texas Dog Rescued by Iowa Family on Vacation

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This comes from Life With Dogs fan Stephanie Gibson:

I just wanted to share this girl’s story… this is Lucy. She was disposed of by her former family on the streets of Dallas, Texas and found her way to the hotel where my parents were staying last week while visiting family.

Animal control ended up picking her up and taking her to the local shelter. My parents had to go back home to Iowa but my mom called to check on her day after day.

Ultimately the shelter said she would have to be euthanized because she wasn’t friendly enough to be adopted out. Unless, that is, our family wanted her.

My mom didn’t have enough vacation days left from work, but really wanted her, so my husband, my son, and I cancelled our vacation to make the 760 mile trip down to Texas to save her and take her home.

She is so sweet and I can’t figure out why anyone would ever let her go! She’s settling in so well and I’d do it all over again in a second! It’s been a life-changing experience.

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